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What is Showbizpage?


If you work in the live entertainment industry then you will know just how difficult it can be to get seen by a promoter or get your foot in the door with a particular venue.

You will have probably tried calling them several times and will have undoubtedly sent off hundreds of emails containing numerous documents and links about yourself and not heard a thing back!

Promoters and venue owners are generally very busy people and will get several of these emails on a daily basis. They don't have time to open every bio in Word, watch every video on YouTube, listen to every track on Soundcloud or download every image from Dropbox from every email that they receive. Your introduction email will probably at best be marked down to read later!

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to send an email to a booker with a link to a single webpage containing all of your promotional information?

That's where Showbizpage comes in!

Showbizpage allows entertainers from any background or discipline to create an instant one-page bio that can be sent out to prospective bookers and promoters - think of it as your digital CV!

Once created, your Showbizpage will contain all of your bio info, video and audio clips, hi-res images, press quotes and recommendations, social media links and much more!

Everything that a potential booker needs to know about you will be displayed in one single, beautifully presented and responsive web-page, meaning they can read all about you in one place and on any device.

Showbizpage is the ideal companion to your existing website as it can be used as a one-page bio and if you haven't already got a dedicated website, creating a Showbizpage is all you'll need.

Make yourself more visible and easier to book by signing up for a free trial soon!



Your Showbizpage can be used as a press pack for existing bookers looking for promotional information for their upcoming events. The centralised artist information will save them precious time scouring the internet for hi-res images, social media links, videos and Soundcloud clips and that elusive up-to-date bio. will eventually become the go-to website for corporate organisations and members of the public who wish to book a live entertainer for their event or party.

By searching our Entertainer's Database, visitors will be able to find artists by genre and type, browse the various Showbizpages and contact the artist (or their agent) directly.

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The Showbizpage Team

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